My Opinion on the eligibility of Alcoholics for Organ Transplant!


All of us are human beings (of course if you are born from human parents). This means that we all can’t be perfect. We have our own weaknesses and have done mistakes frequently. We may have our own reasons for not doing the right things sometimes.  So it is not so fair to restrict a person for some opportunities because of their mistakes.

The alcoholics may also have reasons for being alcoholics. Some of them drink alcohol just because they love it. For that kind of people, it may not be eligible for organ transplants as they had abused their bodies themselves. However, no one was born with the habit of drinking alcohol. I have an alcoholic friend who started drinking alcohol since he was 13 (although alcohol is restricted for those under 18). He started to drink so young because drinking alcohol seems to be very normal for him as he has seen his alcoholic father drinking it everyday. In that way, my friend has become an alcoholic. I can say his father is responsible for this. Some again started the drinking habit as to decrease their stress from some social and psychological problems.

On the other hand, the number of organ donors and economic resources are limited so that a normal person is more favorable to accept the donor’s organ than an alcoholic because many people assume that the alcoholics are not worth to accept the organ transplant (especially Liver). The donor’s perception to donate can also be different. For example: the donor may want to donate a kid or a person who is not alcoholic rather than an alcoholic. This can become some kind of discrimination. Actually, the lifesaving of alcoholic could not be denied with this kind of discrimination (especially in some of the Eastern countries which have bad perceptions on drinking alcohol). However, the person who is not an alcoholic cannot be said surely as a good man. He or she may do things that are really bad which even alcoholics might not do. Good or bad really is depending on oneself. Although there is much more possibilities of alcoholics doing bad things, we cannot say he/she does not deserve to be something just because that person is addicted to alcohol.  However, if we compare with a kid, I think kid is more preferable for doing transplant than alcoholics.

Actually, we cannot say definitely about fairness in these conditions. Fairness will depend on situation.


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