Revealing one of my opinions on how Love should be…

heart broken“I am falling in love wif u..” I am deadly in love wif u….. I am seriously in love wif you…. U r my one last only gal….


Every gal might hear the above from some other guys even b4 they got a bf,rit… For some, it can be million of times…


Normally, this is the first selling point for a guy… but for long run if u don’t have any other skills like managing the relations or problem solving, you will definitely ends up like “oh yeah…. he’s my boyfriend but he’ll never be my husband”….


Anyway, you can survive only when you can make differentiate marketing strategy to promote ur own love…. As for me, it dosen’t need to be so very romantic…. It all depends on that thing in your uppermost part of ur body, how u use it to control and react to different situations wif the different customer needs… Of course there will be only one customer wif different needs…. bcoz normally gals r greedy and have loads of needs but they try to satisfy all of their needs wif one product rather than using variety… It might not be true 4 every gals but it dose true for me….. Moreover, marketing the product today is not just selling and telling… This way is so old now… If we have learnt abt marketing today, it turns to the trend of satisfying the customer needs… In this case, it will be psychological needs rather than a physical one…. (for me)


This kind of situation starts the problem…. If u r a gal and u say no, u might have someone else who is taking care of u rather than ur bf…


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