“EX” – History book or Novel??

Let me talk about breaking up subject today…

There are two types of people who talk about past relationships….

Those who talk about it like a history book and those who talk about it like a novel.

The psychological feeling behind it is similar to the subject that has mentioned here…

Why do we learn history?? As a matter of fact, you can learn from experience. You might not want to read the history book again once you have known it.. The best place to learn…

Why do we read novel?? Novel can give you emotions… I have seen those people who cry, feeling funny, feeling angry while reading novel written by William Shakespeare (e.g _Romeo and Juliet).
I have never seen someone crying by reading a history book…


So the concept is if let’s say if you are talking about your past relationships like a novel (let’s say feeling pain and angry), it means you still have feelings for it… If you’re talking your past relationships like a history book, Dat’s mean you are ready to start your new life already….

Sometimes people think themselves they have overcome the past already while they still talking about it with anger… Be aware of yourselves… You’re not ready as long as you talked it like a novel

Make it history to those things that are already history… Dat’s where you started to realize you can move on!!


Emotional Security in Relationships (Is that Faith??)

There are many factors that are important in relationship apart from love. Some like smart, some like beauty, some look for tall, some look for sexy, some look for rich, some look for honesty. No matter how much qualities you set in your mind to imagine your other half will be, there is always one thing that you as individual can’t live without in relationship. That one thing will not be the same for everyone.

If someone ask me what is your that one factor thing out of your whole list, then I will say “my Emotional Security”.


Normally, people confused the word “Faithful” with “Emotional Security”. In fact, “Faith” is just one of the key components that can build up “Emotional Security”. I thought I was the only one who understands it until I found someone else (don’t want to mention who). Then, I started to realise as long as you can treat someone as your one and only, this one will come along.

But to clarify it in details, “Emotional Security” in my meaning composed of “Faith, Behave, Generous and above all Special”.

Faith – simple logic of “what mine is mine and what yours is yours!” No need to explain much.

Behave – This one needs a little bit more in details:

No matter how beautiful or handsome you are, there always is someone who seems to be better for a second. Continue reading