Thought of the Day

When you say you’re in the relationship, it is obvious both need to work out and scarifice certain things if necessary in order to maintain it. Who’s doing more is another story!!
This includes those who were crushing on you!!
There will be gals crushing on your boy and there will be boys crushing on you!
You sometimes float into the attention dat you got on other boys or gals while you were in relationship!

second one.jpg
If you do, ask yourself this:

People say there are tons of fish in the sea why bother one! But you did choose one already. If you’re still longing the tons, why you choose one. You can stay in your sea and seek many attention if you are Mr or Miss popular. Obviously, having one person attention beside you is a lot less helpful than many waiting to help you and give you attention right?? (I wouldn’t agree it personally bcoz i have seen one person giving attention enough for all others but this kind of person is really rare so i will keep it this way)

If you are originally not Mr or Miss popular but still seeking attention, there is another possibility:

Another possibility is dat may be your sea is without fish before you got into relationship. Other fish started to know dat your sea is avaiable to survive only after dat one special fish prove it. Nobody dere to take risk before dat. Do you still want to float with others by ignoring dat one fish who proves you?? I won’t if I were you bcoz no one will able to know your value more than dat one who came first.

Well, my heartfelt advice: if you at least feel sorry for your other half, don’t try to get others’ attention. So choose,you want either relationship or just drop your relartionship and be Mr or Miss popular.


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