Philosophy – Chapter 1 – Encouragement


I was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar, where education system is, you either become a medical student or your are not proven to be intelligent. Many parents in our country are dying to see their kids going to med school and to be able to boost that “oh my kid is from med school!”. Many people believe subjects like law, philosophy, and even engineering are supposed to be for the kids who aren’t smart enough or get good enough grades to go to med schools which is such a pain in our youths’ ass (pardon my language). Well, anyway I am glad I still have business management to choose which philosophy is of must involve. BM, for parents, seems as another way of being succeed as we made money in short period of time unlike med schools which schooling itself took 6.5 years. So, BM becomes gradually popular these years among parents.


PhilosophyBy any chance, if I was born in the country where we can choose the specialisation by ourselves without any critics of being smart or arguments with our parents then, I might be choosing philosophy. What I love about philosophy is that, it’s not about answering the questions. It’s about understanding the process. Recently, I came across a philosophy book called “The Philosophy Book – big idea simply explained” which inspired me to write this chain of wired opinion of mine on wide spread topics of anything that attracts my attention in the book. I will just write about what I read and why I agree or disagree with the idea. Well, you (the reader) might think who am I to judge these genius, but philosophy is something that everyone encounter and just didn’t notice so yeah I have my right to agree and disagree or perhaps agree to disagree and criticise the idea.

So, here goes for nothing.



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