Philosophy – Chapter 4 – Our Gautama (the Buddha) is also a Philosopher

“The beginning of thought is in disagreement – not only with others but also with ourselves!” _Eric Hoffer

As mentioned in Chapter 2, wonder and curiosity are the thrill to explore things around us. Some of the beliefs and ideas were handed down or forced upon us by society, teacher, religion, etc.,. It starts with disagreement either with yourself or with your environment (your religions, your friends, your partners, etc.,). Even your very existence is questionable. We can have satisfaction by arriving the conclusion with our own individual reasoning. However, in doing so, knowing that you don’t know anything (as in Chapter 2) is important for you to reach out all possible things.

As the book says, “for early societies, the answers to the most fundamental questions were found in religion: the actions of the gods explained the workings of the universe and provided a framework for human civilisations”. However, most of those traditional beliefs based on faith and sometimes inadequate. That’s when philosophers came in looking for logical answers for example Pythagoras, the greek thinker who think with mathematics. The book show followings as the philosophers of the time spectrum. Continue reading


Philosophy -Chapter 3 – Everything starts from Zero

zeroI am not an expert in building up business cases. In my time, there always is someone who help me build up business cases for the projects that I was working. One of them once told me that business cases are not stated as sum total amount  or comparison cases, it starts with zero, “Why is there something rather than nothing under given circumstances?”. If there is this project what it would look like with it, then what it would look like without it. Some businessman may be able to relate this when they cannot just simply kick out some of the products in their product line which doesn’t make much profits but covering fixed cost as small proportion.

This is called metaphysics in philosophy which is the very first reason for philosophers to appear 2,500 years ago. The metaphysics including but not limited toTycoon_mystery_box_icon_original what the universe is made of, the nature of human existence, what the nature of whatever it is that exist now, which give the same impression of “Why is there something rather than nothing?”

Something is sometimes better than nothing while sometimes nothing is better than something. Let’s say you have a kid who long for an expensive toy in which you buy something that is affordable for you. You will definitely try to convince him that at least something is better than nothing. Or you are in a relationship with the wrong person then you are better of alone than being with a wrong one which means nothing is better than something. If we think of this, an obvious question occur “How can we know?”.

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Philosophy- Chapter 2 – Wondering

wonderingThe book said the very first philosophers are those who questioned about religions and customs of their ancient time and sought answers with rational justifications. It reminds me of myself. I am now a pure buddhism which means I became buddhist not just simply because my parents are. I tried to learn as much as possible about other religions before I became a buddhist. I could relate them in terms of this “wondering” factor.

“ Wonder is very much the affection of a philosopher; for there is no other beginning of philosophy than this!” -Plato

Whether it’s management or science, they were born on human curiosity. The curiosity that leads to innovation like Einstein’s Gravity theory in physics or BCG matrix in marketing. We studied Philip Kotler’s marketing books naming him as Guru of today’s marketing just like the ancient philosophers who share their views on ancient customs and religions with one another and ultimately set up “schools” to teach others, not just the conclusions they have come to but also how they came up with the conclusions.

However, there was one famous philosopher who didn’t write any books or had come to any conclusions.

“Socrates, the teacher of Plato, prided himself as the wisest man on earth because he knew he didn’t know anything!” _ The Philosophy Book – big idea simply explained

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Philosophy – Chapter 1 – Encouragement


I was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar, where education system is, you either become a medical student or your are not proven to be intelligent. Many parents in our country are dying to see their kids going to med school and to be able to boost that “oh my kid is from med school!”. Many people believe subjects like law, philosophy, and even engineering are supposed to be for the kids who aren’t smart enough or get good enough grades to go to med schools which is such a pain in our youths’ ass (pardon my language). Well, anyway I am glad I still have business management to choose which philosophy is of must involve. BM, for parents, seems as another way of being succeed as we made money in short period of time unlike med schools which schooling itself took 6.5 years. So, BM becomes gradually popular these years among parents. Continue reading