Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory and Relationships

Have you ever come across the Two-Factor theory in your academic. The two-factor theory is developed by Herzberg in 1959 and is widely used in management field and psychological field. According to the theory, whatever you do to please another person, it can be “motivators” or just “hygiene factors”. “Hygiene Factors” are those essentials but not regarded as motivators. If you are a boss and you want your employees to have motivation to work, you have to make sure you give them motivators and not just hygiene factors. Please see the diagram below for more understanding:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.08.11 pm.png

So here, what should be really aware is that STAGE _1 Dissatisfaction is not the same as STAGE_2 No Dissatisfaction. Stage 1 is normally the worst stage that you can imagine but by giving hygiene factor one cannot be at the level for satisfactory but you can prevent Stage 1 from happening which I will call Stage-2 no dissatisfaction. Motivators only can give you the word “satisfaction” which here I will call STAGE_4 but there is one stage in between which is STAGE _3 NO Satisfaction. Let’s say, as an employee, you expect to be paid regularly and correctly. This is hygiene factor. Doing so, the employee will have no dissatisfaction but that alone will not give you a motivated salesman. So, let’s say you give annual bonus, so you started a motivator and based on that you might prevent the situation of “no satisfaction” but there is no grantees that they will be satisfied. Satisfaction really depends on individual.

Well, I am not writing this to tell you some theory that you might already know. I am explaining this as a reminder to what I am going to write in here.

Guys normally have problems dealing with a girl’s expectations meaning to say guys normally complaint girls as complicated. Well, there were some kind of girls who they thought as “COOL Girl” but most of the time, their own girlfriend tends to be “uncool” even if other people think she is.

Well, I do agree there are different types of girls with different levels of expectation. Most of the complaints such as “I can’t understand her. I am doing nothing wrong” or “I do trust her but she don’t trust me”, etc., that I heard from my guy friends are mostly because they might not understand the two-factor theory in their girl. Most of the time, I see guys sitting in the safe zone of “they are doing nothing wrong”, which ultimately is the hygiene factors for most relationship. Well, these are important to keep the relationship but in order to have a healthy one, “motivation and feeling secure” is the most important thing for a girl (well like me). If you are serious about your relationship and wanted to treat her special, you need to think of motivators, going out from your safe zone. For example: “Not having affairs with any other girls but your girlfriend”, could be hygiene factor which will give “not dissatisfaction” level but this doesn’t mean that she is satisfied. She will never be able to feel secure unless you satisfied her.

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Thought of the Day

When you say you’re in the relationship, it is obvious both need to work out and scarifice certain things if necessary in order to maintain it. Who’s doing more is another story!!
This includes those who were crushing on you!!
There will be gals crushing on your boy and there will be boys crushing on you!
You sometimes float into the attention dat you got on other boys or gals while you were in relationship!

second one.jpg
If you do, ask yourself this:

People say there are tons of fish in the sea why bother one! But you did choose one already. If you’re still longing the tons, why you choose one. You can stay in your sea and seek many attention if you are Mr or Miss popular. Obviously, having one person attention beside you is a lot less helpful than many waiting to help you and give you attention right?? (I wouldn’t agree it personally bcoz i have seen one person giving attention enough for all others but this kind of person is really rare so i will keep it this way)

If you are originally not Mr or Miss popular but still seeking attention, there is another possibility:

Another possibility is dat may be your sea is without fish before you got into relationship. Other fish started to know dat your sea is avaiable to survive only after dat one special fish prove it. Nobody dere to take risk before dat. Do you still want to float with others by ignoring dat one fish who proves you?? I won’t if I were you bcoz no one will able to know your value more than dat one who came first.

Well, my heartfelt advice: if you at least feel sorry for your other half, don’t try to get others’ attention. So choose,you want either relationship or just drop your relartionship and be Mr or Miss popular.