“EX” – History book or Novel??

Let me talk about breaking up subject today…

There are two types of people who talk about past relationships….

Those who talk about it like a history book and those who talk about it like a novel.

The psychological feeling behind it is similar to the subject that has mentioned here…

Why do we learn history?? As a matter of fact, you can learn from experience. You might not want to read the history book again once you have known it.. The best place to learn…

Why do we read novel?? Novel can give you emotions… I have seen those people who cry, feeling funny, feeling angry while reading novel written by William Shakespeare (e.g _Romeo and Juliet).
I have never seen someone crying by reading a history book…


So the concept is if let’s say if you are talking about your past relationships like a novel (let’s say feeling pain and angry), it means you still have feelings for it… If you’re talking your past relationships like a history book, Dat’s mean you are ready to start your new life already….

Sometimes people think themselves they have overcome the past already while they still talking about it with anger… Be aware of yourselves… You’re not ready as long as you talked it like a novel

Make it history to those things that are already history… Dat’s where you started to realize you can move on!!


Emotional Security in Relationships (Is that Faith??)

There are many factors that are important in relationship apart from love. Some like smart, some like beauty, some look for tall, some look for sexy, some look for rich, some look for honesty. No matter how much qualities you set in your mind to imagine your other half will be, there is always one thing that you as individual can’t live without in relationship. That one thing will not be the same for everyone.

If someone ask me what is your that one factor thing out of your whole list, then I will say “my Emotional Security”.


Normally, people confused the word “Faithful” with “Emotional Security”. In fact, “Faith” is just one of the key components that can build up “Emotional Security”. I thought I was the only one who understands it until I found someone else (don’t want to mention who). Then, I started to realise as long as you can treat someone as your one and only, this one will come along.

But to clarify it in details, “Emotional Security” in my meaning composed of “Faith, Behave, Generous and above all Special”.

Faith – simple logic of “what mine is mine and what yours is yours!” No need to explain much.

Behave – This one needs a little bit more in details:

No matter how beautiful or handsome you are, there always is someone who seems to be better for a second. Continue reading

At a Glance of Myanmar Current Situation (Part-II) for Infrastructures Business

As introduced in Part (I) from Nov 1st 2013, Myanmar has been going with its reformation since 2011. Currently, it has been in their progress of FESR (Framework for Economic and Social Reform) which outlines priorities up to 2015 which is a part of National Comprehensive Development Plan (NCDP), 20-year plan for reformation.

0112-Myanmar-Peace-Talks_full_600Myanmar is currently struggling with all three dimensional reformation: Political Reformation, Economic Reformation and Peace Building (ceasing fire, negotiation, and implementation of Peace with 16 major armed forces in the country), in which most of the other countries in the world has passed through their reformation process with only one or two dimensions, (MPC, Oct 2013).

As for economic reformation, selected sectors in five-year plans (FESR) has made its industry zoneannual plan and some of those are in actions during these years including new foreign exchange management law, new central bank law to improve operational autonomy of the Central Bank of Myanmar, opening up the telecommunication sector by choosing foreign investors through bidding, permitting 100% ownership for foreign companies with exceptions, and above of all, there is much better, more attractive tax incentives for investments in infrastructure development and the creation of special economic zones to attract foreign investment for the selected sectors. An Example of this incentive is the allowance of 5-year tax holiday. Continue reading

My Idols – Female Leaders Around the World (Part-1) : The Iron Lady of Israel

There have always been female rulers on earth. Even since 3000BCE, Egyptians Queens ruled the Egypt. Each of the world’s country has at least one woman leader. queenThese leaders inspire me in a way that was shown in the articles. Most of the leaders who are going to describe here will be those who had passed away many years ago.

“Being Seventy is not a sin”. Golda Meir, seventy-year-old lady who had been an Israel pioneer leader, despite of her age argued that it doesn’t mean that old people can’t do well in politics. Older people have more consideration on what should be done. Continue reading

At a Glance of Myanmar current situation for International Education Providers


Myanmar, which is known as the Golden Land, had been under Military regime for many years. In March 2011, former SPDC Prime Minister, U Thein Sein became president. Since then the country has started their movement of reformation by meeting the major opposition leader, Daw Aung Sann Su Kyi. The international community has recognized the progress in the country by easing the sanctions on the country as most have seen as opportunity. Continue reading

Revealing one of my opinions on how Love should be…

heart broken“I am falling in love wif u..” I am deadly in love wif u….. I am seriously in love wif you…. U r my one last only gal….


Every gal might hear the above from some other guys even b4 they got a bf,rit… For some, it can be million of times…


Normally, this is the first selling point for a guy… but for long run if u don’t have any other skills like managing the relations or problem solving, you will definitely ends up like “oh yeah…. he’s my boyfriend but he’ll never be my husband”….


Anyway, you can survive only when you can make differentiate marketing strategy to promote ur own love…. As for me, it dosen’t need to be so very romantic…. It all depends on that thing in your uppermost part of ur body, how u use it to control and react to different situations wif the different customer needs… Of course there will be only one customer wif different needs…. bcoz normally gals r greedy and have loads of needs but they try to satisfy all of their needs wif one product rather than using variety… It might not be true 4 every gals but it dose true for me….. Moreover, marketing the product today is not just selling and telling… This way is so old now… If we have learnt abt marketing today, it turns to the trend of satisfying the customer needs… In this case, it will be psychological needs rather than a physical one…. (for me)


This kind of situation starts the problem…. If u r a gal and u say no, u might have someone else who is taking care of u rather than ur bf…

The Starting Point of Instant Noodle Culture in Myanmar


With today’s hectic lifestyles, time-saving products are increasingly in demand. Perhaps one of the significant examples is instant foods. Since 1990, there is growth rate in consumer spending at Instant Food such as instant noodles market in Myanmar. The consumer spent at instant foods grew at an annually proportion of food expenditures.

The reasons for this are speed, convenience and price of instant foods. Now, people want quick and convenient meals because they do not want to spend a lot of time preparing meals, traveling to pick up meals or waiting for meals at the restaurants. That result, consumers rely on instant food. Knowing this, instant food manufacturers and providers are coming up with new ways to market their products that save time for consumers. The significant example is booming of the instant noodle market. Continue reading